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We have Spoken English Courses that range from the very basic of English to higher level such as Conversation Skills, Presentation Skills, Interview Skills. Group Discussion (G.D.) Skills apart from Grammar Basics and Vocabulary building. In Written English Classes, we teach structure based grammar, diologue & script writing, paragraph & essay writing, letter & C.V.writing and so on.
We believe that each student’s requirement of learning English is different and it needs to be addressed in a customized manner. Depending on each student’s need and future plan, we draft individual modules and design a learning plan that becomes unique to him or her.

Foundation Course

Duration : One and half hour class daily ( for 6 months ) (2 Months for Foundation + 4 months Advanced)

This is a starter level course. This course is suitable for all those students who want to start gaining confidence in English Speaking. It’s a bilingual course. Mode of instructions is Hindi.

So, this course is suitable for all the candidates those want to start speaking in English . In this course students are treated psychologically and motivationally. We take a student to the higher level, like a child is brought up. First few days will be dedicated to change the mindset of the students. Initially, students think in Hindi and try to speak in English. That’s a great hurdle in achieving the fluency. So, emphasis would be given to change their mindset so, they can start thinking in English. That’s a great and challenging job. But students have given feedback that they start dreaming in English.

With this students are made to practice in the classroom and motivated to practice after the classroom. Everyday students are given a topic to speak on and discuss. Hence right from the first day they enjoy speaking.
First few days, they are allowed to converse in pairs.Topics of Conversations are based on Tenses and other parts of grammar .When they (students) build up aconfidence then they are allowed to discuss in a group(3 -4 candidate), then after they discuss in a big group (10 – 15 candidates). Every day students go for the podium session, during the session they speak on a topic given to them.

During the course, students are taught tenses, tag questions, auxiliary verbs,imparative and exclamatory sentences using psychological approach. In Spoken Part one and two minutes presentations and conversations are covered.
Hence, this Foundation course leads them to become eligible for advanced level course. Foundations Course takes two months and then Students enter Advance level Course for Developing fluency in English in just next four months.
If any student is still not able to pick up the progress, they are allowed to join the class again without any fee. This is the unique facility CCI is providing to all students (CCIians).
So, Come and join today and enjoy learning, Have a happy learning !

Duration : – One and half hour class daily ( for 4 months )
This course is suitable for those who are preparing for CAT / MAT / RMAT / GD&PI, those who are call center aspirants, those who want to brush up their English , those who are professional like CAs, Advocates, Engineers’, Doctors etc., those who are preparing for IELTS /TOEFL and those who want to go abroad (to English speaking countries)

Course Contents:

· Advance level grammar

· Group Discussions(GD)Presentations everyday

. Extempore Practice
· Vocabulary Building

· Voice Accent /modulation/ intonation training

Advance writing skills ( C.V./Letter/Essay/Article etc)
Duration : – One and half hour class daily ( for 2 months )

It is said that well begun is half done. Age 6-14 yrs is best to start with. Better foundation, better career.
Every child is born unique. Every child has powerful urge to learn that’s called curiosity. Best teaching means to generate the curiosity.

Early childhood training is best one for communication skill and develop understanding of language. It’s seen that in board examination several children are not able to write answers because they do not understand the language quickly. Our course will help them.

In this course children will learn and develop good communication skill, they’ll be able to speak grammatically correct sentences, they’ll develop good reading skill and good writing skill.

It’s a fun filled entertain and let your children’s language develop.

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