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Welcome to Rajdeep Art Studio
Rajdeep Art Studio specializes in creating high quality professional photographs taken in the best of light that accurately reflect the Rajput Wedding, Modeling, Event & other literally brings life to it!
We made our name in portfolio, rajput wedding and modeling photography in very short time. Style is the middle name of this young and youthful photographer who has made a mark for himself in the extremely competitive and glamorous world of fashion photography in very quick time with his simple yet creative and unique style of photography.
“A true photograph need not be explained, nor it can be contained in words”
Introduced to the Rajdeep Art Studio at a very young age and in the field of glamour photography. In the past decade many photography of Rajput wedding and Beauty queens alike have been shot by the photographer who is known to capture not just the outer beauty but also captures the character of his subjects.

We believe that art and the creative process in the making of art is very healing and uplifting.
Our vision at Expressions And Beyond is to use photography as a form of art to create pictures for our clients which they would love to use in their wedding, modeling, Corporate, Kids, homes, places of work, print media and for social networking or promoting their business.
This is an exclusive professional photography service that gives our clients an opportunity to be part of highly personalized photo shoots. We are looking forward to provide highest quality, creativity, originality and satisfaction in all our photography services.

Rajput Wedding
Rajasthan is always being famous for its swanky and vibrant features by Rajdeep Art Studio. The state is mostly dominated by the Rajput or Kshatriyas people. The auspicious event of wedding in Rajput Rajasthani traditions is not just an elaborate occasion but also the grand and royal one. Once attending the Rajput wedding, you will the opportunity to experience true Rajasthani culture and traditions. The family members and the guests enjoy traditional Rajasthani dance and music because without that no wedding would be completed.

Just like wedding attires, jewellery, dance and songs in Rajput wedding reflects the culture of Rajasthan, the rituals in the Rajput Rajasthani wedding ceremony also do the same. The customs start from the engagement ceremony where the male members of the bride’s family to the family of the groom. The bride’s brother applies tilak on to the forehead of the groom and presents him sword, clothes and many more. This ceremony is followed by Ganapati Sthapana and Griha Shanti ceremony. After that, ceremonies like Pithi Dastoor, Mahira Dastoor, Janev and Palla Dastoor are performed before the D-Day.

The Rajput wedding day rituals are conducted from the beginning of Aarti during the arrival of Baraat to the Bidaai ceremony. Moreover, the post-wedding rituals in Rajput Rajasthani wedding are comprised of Grihapravesh and Pagelagni. This category consists of various specialties regarding Rajput pre-wedding, wedding day and post-wedding customs.

Kids Photography
Get artistic natural baby photography by Rajdeep Studio an experienced baby photographer in udaipur.

Kids photographer with unique talent to bring out the best baby photos. kids photography at udaipurrajdeepstudio.com captures the fleeting period of your kid with rapid changes in the postures and movements.

We can’t stop time but we can capture moments and memories, get your baby’s sweet moments saved in your memory for ever.

How we are different from others?

Baby photography is done in a friendly location
We make child familiar with the surroundings and camera shoot
We have high resolution cameras to get natural photographs
We catch the right moment to click the photo
And the most important thing that the cost is inexpensive

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