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” Excellence comes not from mere words or procedures. It comes from an urge to strive and deliver the best every time. A mindset that says, “When it is good enough, improve it.” It is a way of thinking that comes only from a drive within “.

” When education sees its course, a dream opens its eyes “, is the belief of the foundation under the aegis of which top Diploma colleges in India are set up. Education is just a spark for which it ignites the minds and inflames the intellect. Ignited minds change the world and bring us a better tomorrow.
It goes beyond developing one’s knowledge and sharpening his skills as it paves the way for progress of a nation and its generations to come.

In the 4 years of educational journey the S.S.M.P. College has set up some of the best diploma colleges and nurtured the essence of growth in education. The Foundation has earned respect of being the most reputed educational group in north India with the establishment of some of the best colleges in Rajasthan, prime focus being the holistic approach and overall development of its students.
Keeping the view in mind S.S.M.P. College is an institution which is not made by mere bricks & stones, but by the strong character and integrity it instills in its students without any disparity.

The College offers oriented education and has sufficient extra curricular and co-curricular activities to provide happy environment full of enriching experiences. We strive to develop competence, a sense of identity and compassion for other among our students.
S.S.M.P. College is a modern educational institution with an international perspective. The College incorporates in its milieu, all that is universally good in thoughts, words and deeds. It stands for secular and ethical values and enlightens the students in a way that permits the students to grow up without any prejudice. The College pursues an academic procedure with a view to ensure excellence in curricular, co-curricular and extracurricular activities. It is our endeavor to make education a meaningful and a pleasant experience.

Cultural Activities
The College puts special emphasis on building awareness among students about the Indian culture.
To facilitate this, the college along with students organizes various festivals and events throughout the year dissipating Indian culture. Further to this fresher’s party, Sports week, Annual function etc. are held enabling students to bond strongly and work as a team.
Also various seminars and workshops are conducted for students to exhibit and elaborate their technical knowledge.

S.S.M.P. College believes in the saying ” Work while you work, Play while you play. ”
Games and Sports are necessary for all round development of the individual. It not only helps the students to relax from their monotony of continuous study, but it also helps to develop confidence, sporting spirit and team spirit among students.

Various outdoor and indoor games such as Cricket, Carom and Table Tennis are also held.

Visits and Tours
Among the various activities for the students, the Industrial Visits and Tours are definitely one of the biggest and best things that happen.
As the main aim of university is to go beyond academics in all possible ways, these visits have always offered insights to students about the practical applications of their theoretical knowledge. Of course, the enjoyment and the ecstatic moments in the company of peers come as the icing on the cake! The Institute arranges for periodical Industrial visits to the reputed companies.
In the College separate committee has been formed to arrange the Industrial visit through which the students are taken to the industries and trained with futuristic technologies. For each Semester two industrial visits are arranged by the Committee and make the students in wealth in their practical knowledge.

Branches Available
Civil Engineering -
Civil Engineering plays a crucial role in determining the development of society at large as it internalizes the very core segments of human life. Keeping in view the emerging infrastructural needs of society and the indispensable role of civil engineers in the present scenario.
The Department of Civil Engineering at S.S.M.P. College is ready to initiate efforts for preparing the upcoming civil engineers to contribute significantly for bringing in sustainable improvements for society. It offers wide spectrum of construction and infrastructure with an all around development. It lays emphasis on graphics, design of concrete, structure and geothermal Engineering.
For Civil Engineering graduates there is good demand of jobs in various prestigious positions in Govt. Department, Consultancies and Construction companies. Civil Engineering graduates also have the job avenues as Construction, Quality Control officers, Civil & Structural Engineering Consultants, Civil & Building Contractors and Project Managers.

Mechanical Engineering -
Mechanical Engineering students can find large number of opportunities to build in a long term rewarding career. Ample jobs are available for Mechanical Engineers both in private and public sector companies.
This course offers quality machines and equipment right from laboratories such as Workshops (Machine shops, fittings, foundry and fitting shop, dynamics of machine lab to metallurgy lab).
The candidates after completing Diploma in Mechanical Engineering find placement in various manufacturing and production firms such as Automobile, Aerospace, Chemical, Communication, Computer, Steel, Power generation industries.
The aspirants also find a lot of opportunities in various public sector firms such as ONGC, DRDO, SAIL, NTPC, VSSC, ISRO and IOC. As a fresher, the professionals can join as Junior Engineers. Gradually they can move up to the positions of Assistant/ Executive Engineers.

Electronic Engineering -
Electronics and Communication Engineering is concerned with designing, development, test and supervision of manufacturing of electronic equipments. The course offers competent Technician to perform their job in Industry or as an entrepreneurial efficiently with skills to plan, erect, use and maintain equipments.
Practical training is being given to a student to the extent to be an Enterprise leading Industrialist. There is enough scope for employment in MNC’s and National companies, including Alcatel, Siemens, Chipcone Cygnal, Cypress, Dallas, Infineon, Philips, OST etc.

Electrical Engineering -
It develops skills set and competencies required for a technician to troubleshoot, repair, maintain electrical appliance and impart knowledge on operating computers EE being one of the core fields of Engineering is always evergreen in terms of job prospects.
There is great scope for Electrical Engineers whereby they can focus on fields like Control, Power, Micro-Electronics, Power systems and many other software related jobs. After completion of the Diploma Programme one can also opt for B.Tech Degree in EE.
About T & P Cell
Training & Placement Cell of S.S.M.P. College is the perfect bridge between the students and the corporate. It helps to enlighten & groom the students to acquire the necessary skills to secure their dream job. The main objective of the Training & Placement Cell is to create a platform where the employers can come and select fresh talents from the campus. Activities like Summer Internships, Mentoring programs and on job trainings are attempts to bridge the gap between the budding professionals and their prospective employers.

Placements provide an “OPPORTUNITY” to students to demonstrate their knowledge acquired over years for applicability in the real world. It’s spell is keenly awaited, and if topical statistics are to go by, we urge to say that it is eagerly awaited by both sides students as well as the corporate. Engineering Career is currently the most sought after Career.
S.S.M.P. College is conscious about the changing needs of the industry and academia as the interface between the two is complementary to each other. The Placement & Training cell creates better placement opportunities for the students. This Cell also provides guidance for short-term projects, summer trainings, final placements, Industrial trainings and tours, career counseling, special lectures, symposiums, workshops etc. Additional Training includes spoken English classes, development of interview skill, personal and professional grooming.
The institute provides on job training for professional learning. On the Job Trainee facility provided by the Institute is a very effective medium of professional learning for the students interested in earning while learning.
TRAINING, We believe that hands on exposure is the best way of learning, so to prepare students for industrial environment in better way. Our Training program scheduled as per Board of Technical Education, Jodhpur, curriculum for the Diploma. Training & Placement cell sees that the students do their training in full earnestness at the leading organizations. They are encouraged to take live project from the industry under the faculty guidance. Training is also imparted in developing their soft skills by specialized trainers. As this play an important part in developing their career and getting placed in the organizations.
The Training & Placement Cell firmly believes in ‘Industry-Institute Interaction’. In order to accomplish ‘Industry-Institute Interaction’, it organizes technical talks and national seminars to provide a platform for the budding engineers and managers to interact with professionals from various industries. It encourages visits to the industries by the college students.

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